Dallas CERT Radio Day in the Park

cert-logoDallas CERT will be having its first-ever Radio Day in the Park this coming Sunday, December 4th, 2016, from 1-4 PM.

The location of a simulated CERT Command Post (CP) to support this event will be at Dreyfuss Point in White Rock Lake Park. The address is 564 East Lawther Drive, Dallas, TX. There is plenty of parking and it is easy to locate (very visible — look for the CERT signs).

The red dot marks Dreyfuss Point.

Objectives for the day:

  1. Give new radio operators a chance to have more experienced operators show them how to program and use the many functions of their radios.
  2. Share operating tips and suggestions between radio operators.
  3. Share a standard communication protocol between Search and Rescue (S&R) teams and the CP to help minimize radio traffic.
  4. Build experience for new radio operators by having them practice using actual transmissions.
  5. Build experience for net controllers and radio loggers by having them practice using actual transmissions.
  6. Introduce non-licensed individuals who might be interested in radio communications to what they should expect in the licensing process.

This is an excellent opportunity for CERT members to get better acquainted with radio equipment and get some hands-on experience in a low stress environment.

This is a drop-in type event. CERT members can come and go anytime during the available hours and do not need to stay the entire time. You do not need to sign-up ahead of time. Show up as you wish and whatever fits your schedule.

You do not need to be a ham radio operator to attend this event. Everyone who has an interest in using radios to improve our CERT operations is invited.

One of our instructor volunteers, Dave Catlett, is handling the coordination for this event. Dave will set up a portable ham radio station to support the CP, complete with multiple radios (HF, VHF, UHF, GMRS, FRS), sun shade, table, chairs, solar power (provides 12V and 110V), field antennas, and internet access. He will also provide laptops and software to program handheld radios. Anyone else who wants to bring equipment to add to the CP radio station is welcome and encouraged. Ham elmers are also very encouraged to bring your knowledge and experience to share with everyone else.

To increase the value of the radio event experience, Dave has already arranged for small signs to be placed in front of houses in the neighborhood near the park that will describe the “simulated” disaster conditions of those houses. CERT radio operators will have the chance to walk from the CP in the park to the neighborhood (about 150 yards) and give radio reports of the observations listed on the signs in front of each house. This way each radio operator has the opportunity to make several very relevant practice radio calls before returning to the CP in the park. Laminated maps will be provided so no one gets lost while in the neighborhood. If you don’t have a handheld radio — no problem. Dave will loan you one.

Since this location is near the running/walking/biking trail around White Rock Lake, this will be a good publicity event for Dallas CERT as well!

Hopefully you can find time to participate in this event and make our Dallas CERT even stronger and more prepared to support our community.

Again, this is a come one, come all event but it would be helpful if we could get an idea of those of you that intend to participate so that it helps us prepare for that day.  Please contact Dave Catlett, N5WRL, directly (using the form below) with your questions and/or intent to participate.

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