Lecture and Lab EFHW Mini-Tuner Build July 23rd


Our next Lecture and Lab, we’ll be building a EFHW Mini Tuner!

This easy to assemble “end-fed half wave” tuner is the perfect companion for your 40m-15m outdoor expeditions, restricted apartment location, or just for fun in the backyard on a pleasant afternoon. Throw a recommended piece of wire up to a tree, connect it to the tuner with the easy S.S. wing nuts, tune for the minimum SWR with the integral N7VE LED indicator and you are ready to go.

The built-in absorption bridge design will ensure you do not damage your finals with a poor SWR. Rated for 5 watts continuous, 10 watts PEP, and at 1.8oz. (50 grams), it is the lightest weight, inexpensive tuner we know. No wonder it is the most popular. The tools required are a soldering iron with a small tip, rosin core solder, small side cutters, small Phillips screwdriver, and can be built in an hour or two.

We’ll also have a brief discussion about the antenna and tuner.

Please bring your soldering iron and work tools. Most importantly bring an extension cord.

We will have 10 kits available for purchase at our cost of $25. No shipping charges on this order so we all save!

Details about the kit: http://qrpguys.apps-1and1.com/end-fed-half-wave-sota-antenna-tuner

Please bring $25 cash & correct change is appreciated.

Our next meeting will be at:

July 23rd, 10AM – 3PM
Dallas Medical Center – 2nd Floor Conference Room
7 Medical Parkway, Dallas, TX 75234

Talk-in: W5FC 148.880MHz PL 110.9


EFHW Kit From qrpguys.com
The EFHW Kit ready to be assembled

The unassembled kit:

One thought on “Lecture and Lab EFHW Mini-Tuner Build July 23rd

  1. I see I was behind the curve on Facebook. This looks great, and I actually do need to learn to to build an antenna tuner! I’ll be there.