Tech Net News 01-19-2019

As we mention on all our nets at this time of year, please remember to check on-line and make sure your dues are paid.

Winter Field Day is this coming weekend! You can sign up to participate using the form from the right-side menu of our website. More details are available from a post here on the club website or from the MARS website,

Tonight’s afterglow movie will be the pilot from the un-bought series Pioneer 1: Earthfall.

In the world of contesting, don’t forget that the popular SSB edition of the North American QSO Party is going on this weekend, as is the National Collegiate Club Championship and the ARRL January VHF Contest.

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Tech Net News 01-12-2019

magnetic field extra_large-1547216413-cover-image
Computer simulation of the Earth’s magnetic field in a period of normal polarity. Dr Gary A. Glatzmaier/Los Alamos National Laboratory US Department of Energy.

Remember to check on-line and make sure your dues are paid. If you’re past due, please pay your dues.

Please don’t forget that Winter Field Day is coming up on the 26th of this month. You can sign up to participate using the form from the right-side menu of our website. More details are available from our official post here on the club website.

And of course, Tech Net is not our only net this Saturday. SKYNET will be meeting at 9:00 PM, and the Afterglow Movie discussion will take place at 10:30 PM local time. The movie for the 12th will be an unusual fan-made Start Trek episode, “The Fairest of Them All.”

On the contest calendar, we have two main events listed for this weekend: the Italian QRP Club Quarterly Marathon might still be in progress and open to all modes, but their website is out of date. The NCJ North American QSO Party (CW) is this weekend…the SSB edition of this famous event will be next weekend.

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Tech Net News 12-29-2018

Hams get extra photon cards from our transmitters!

The next club meeting will be on January 8th. We’ll be talking about knots and ropes in amateur radio…no nooses allowed! And don’t forget to pay your dues if they’re due.

There’s a surprise net scheduled for New Year’s Eve. If you have an idea for a topic, or if you’d like to be net control, let the club know. I’ll need to pick a topic tomorrow so that we can spread the word and encourage participation.

Winter Field Day is coming up on January 26th, from 1 PM to midnight. Please sign up if you’ll be able to participate. More details about the three-club special event station that’s in the works can be found here.

Now that Christmas is over, there are several contests available. The RAC Winter Contest is in progress, with extra points for working Canadian stations. Sounds fun, eh? The 45th Original QRP Contest sounds fun; you get extra points for using kit-built or custom-designed radios…but if your radio is capable of operating with more than 20 watts, you may only submit a checklog. The American Wireless Association Linc Cudnall Memorial CW Contest rewards users of pre-1950 equipment. If you’ve got a boat anchor and CW skills, you can give it a try.

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Tech Net News 12-22-2018


Don’t forget that it’s time to pay your dues! For most (but not all) club members, dues are due on the 1st day of January. Check online and make sure you’re paid up.

And enjoy your Christmas Eve with your friends and family…there will be no Geek Net on Monday, Dec. 24th.

The contest calendar is pretty quiet this week, and the only notable news in the world of ham radio is that you’ll be able to hear Christmas carols from Antarctica (propagation permitting) at 17:00 Dallas time tomorrow.

UPDATE: Please see this post for more information about Winter Field Day, and sign up using the link from the right-hand portion of the page, or this link.

UPDATE: More information about Jeanne Socrates, VE0JS, is available from her QRZ page.

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Tech Net News 11-24-2018

Credit: NASA/JPL

Turkey Trot went super-smoothly, but there’s still one more big public service event coming up in our area: the 2018 Dallas Marathon. If you enjoyed the Turkey Trot, please head over and sign up!

Our December 4th meeting will be our annual Pizza Party. Bring your favorite pizza or side dish and share it as we celebrate a year’s worth of accomplishments. If you have any fun, short movies to watch, bring those, too. And don’t forget, our Winter Dinner is just around the corner on December 11th.

We’ve got one big contest going on: the CQ WW CW contest.

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Tech Net News 11-17-2018

Credit: James Montgomery Flagg and Anthony Mendina

Turkey Trot is less than a week away. Sign up on-line or get in touch with Randy, KE5JIT. We need your participation, and you’ll have a great time. You could make this your first public service event, and then graduate right away to working at the “big one,” the Dallas Marathon.

Yep, that’s right: the Dallas Marathon is coming up soon, too. Please sign up for that event; there are lots of great jobs still open. The Marathon was the first public service event I participated in. It might not sound like an easy way to get started, but there are tons of other amateur radio volunteers around to help you out and guide you—it’ll be easier than you think.

And don’t forget: there’s a Chili Cook-Off tomorrow afternoon!

There’s one contest going on right now, and it’s a big one: The ARRL SSB November Sweepstakes.

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Tech Net News 11-03-2018

spacex starman small MTU0MTIxNzQyOQ==
Credit: SpaceX

The next club meeting will be on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018. Dr. Tim, N6DIY, will present on different types of code keys.

Our surprise net on October 29th, about mysterious disappearances, was a big success! We might even have found all the socks that disappeared in your washing machine over the years. The club has another surprise net coming up on New Year’s Eve. What should we do? Let us know!

It’s time to sign up for Turkey Trot! It’s just about the neatest thing you can do with your holiday morning, and you get to sleep in—we’re not getting started until 6:00 am this year.

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