Tech Net Announcements 3-25-2017

Don’t forget that the DARC trailer—and many of your favorite DARC friends—will be at the Wings of Freedom event at the Frontiers of Flight Museum tomorrow, from about 10:00 am to about 5:00 pm. We might shut down early, or stay a little late, depending on what the warbirds are doing. We also have Geek Net this Monday, and the CQ WPX contest is going on RIGHT NOW.

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Tech Net News for 03-11-2017

Don’t forget that the club will be showing of its trailer—and the ham radio hobby—at the Wings of Freedom event at the Frontiers of Flight Museum on March 25th and 26th, 2017. Our next Lecture and Lab event, focusing on AREDN, will take place at the Museum and not at the hospital.

If you’re participating in the Lab or helping us staff the trailer, just let the staff at the front desk know that you’re with the club, and you’ll be able to get in for free!

Read on to find out more about the news and announcements for tonight.

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News for Tech Net 3/4/2017

Don’t forget that our next club meeting will take place this coming Tuesday, 3/7/2017!

For more details about the oldest known fossils, you can check out this story here and remember that this find is both uncertain and controversial! Arguments that the Amazon rain forest has been heavily modified by humans are not new, but a new paper on that subject has made the news recently. Finally, smog is a big deal. Air pollution in the US has been tightly controlled for many years, but the air is a common resource and pollution from other countries can affect us here.

Don’t forget that the ARRL SSB DX Contest is going on right now!