Tech Net News 07-21-2018

Credit: Roberto Molar Candanosa

The contest calendar has a few events this weekend. The CQ WW VHF contest is on, and challenging; the RTTY installment of the North American QSO Party is taking place as well.

The next Dallas Amateur Radio Club Lecture and Lab will be happening a week from today; come on out and build the easy 2-meter antenna discussed at the last meeting!

There hasn’t been too much in the way of ham news; it looks like Slovenian amateurs have received a new 60-meter allocation; it overlaps with two of our channels.

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Tech Net News 07-14-2018

spiders on mars pia22587
Credit: NASA, not David Bowie, please.

Moon Day is coming up in less than a week! Don’t forget to volunteer!

There’s only one big event on this weekend’s contest calendar: the IARU HF Championship. You get multipliers for working national club headquarters stations!

In ham news:

Some rule changes have been announced for the CQ WW contests. Most notably, the penalties for busted exchanges and missed log entries have been slightly reduced.

The ARRL reports that a ham technology—a low frequency radio phone—helped in the famous cave rescue that just took place in Thailand.

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Tech Net News 07-06-2018

parrot Benjamint444 800px-Blue-and-Yellow-Macaw
Credit: Benjamint444

Our next club meeting is this coming Tuesday. I’ll talk about a very simple portable antenna for 2 meters and 70 cm, and I hope that you’ll bring and share your favorites, too. There’s more to portable antennas than just J-poles.

Don’t forget that Moon Day is coming up. The club will be active at the Frontiers of Flight Museum from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm on Saturday, July 21st. More details will be announced at the next club meeting, and I’ll update this post as needed. Moon Day is an exciting educational event! Thousands of children and young adults who are interested in science come out to the museum, and dozens of local groups—including us—spend the day teaching them more about what they love. There’s no hard outdoor work or getting up at 5:00 am; just share your enthusiasm and the kids will be happy.

UPDATE: Randy, KE5JIT, would like you to save the date. We’ll have a Tech Net on the Hill event at Flag Pole Hill in Dallas on Saturday, October 27th, from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Hot dogs, fun, and education will abound!

In the world of contesting, you still have a little time left to participate in the Spirit of 76 QSO Party on 10 meters, and in the 13 Colonies Special Event. Get on the air, if you can!

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Tech Net News 06-30-2018

SBob Ceiszenski - 2018annivWe have several special events and contests about to begin! Canada Day is tomorrow, so the Canada Day Contest will be starting this evening. The 10-10 International Spirit of 76 QSO Party will get underway at 7:00 pm Dallas time this Sunday, and my favorite special event—the 13 Colonies—begins at 8:00 am Dallas time this Sunday.

Don’t forget that our next club meeting is coming up on July 10th. I’ll be presenting on simple alternatives to the portable j-pole for VHF and UHF, including an easy antenna that uses nothing but coax. You’ll are encouraged to bring your own portable, non-j-pole antennas, and they don’t have to be omnidirectional or even dual band.

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Tech Net News 06-16-2018

field day 2018 small mapField day is next weekend! Where will you be? How will you participate? Get ready now. Please bring announcements about area field day activities to the net.

The contest calendar has only one well-known event for this weekend, but it’s big contest for big amateurs with big antennas: the Stew Perry Topband Challenge.

Remember that we’re also looking for Tech Net net controls. If you’d like to try it—no long-term commitment required—please email w9ve, that’s whiskey nine voice of excellence, at netzero dot net.

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Tech Net News 06-09-2018

1920px-2ChocolateChipCookiesWe have a special SKYNET tonight! Don’t forget that special guest Dr. Steve Townes will be interviewed by our very own Kelley K5KTX this evening. Be there!

And don’t forget that HAM-COM is still going on. Please come on out tomorrow and visit the club table, even if you haven’t signed up. You can also support the vendors who’ve stuck it out all three days–and there’s lots of good stuff for sale, including embroidered DARC shirts, jackets, and hats.

On the air, we’ve got one of the most laugh-inducing QRP contests coming up tomorrow: the Cookie Crumble! It’s fun, unique, and tasty. Invented by two SOTA/NPOTA enthusiasts, the Cookie Crumble sounds like some goofy fun. The ARRL June VHF contest is in progress now, too.

We’re also looking for Tech Net net controls. If you’d like to try it—no long-term commitment required—please email w9ve, that’s whiskey nine voice of excellence, at netzero dot net.

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Tech Net News 06-02-2018 is it—the big month. Ham-Com is just around the corner, and Field Day is coming up fast. Our next club meeting is going to be all about Field Day, and we’ve got plenty to do to make sure our event at Flag Pole Hill is a success. I hope you’ll join us!

But before we get to Field Day, there’s Ham-Com. The DARC always hosts an informational table, and we could use your help. There’s also a Wouff Hong ceremony coming up on Friday night…Jay, W5GM, needs your help to make it happen. Please sign up on-line. Note:  this link is now corrected!

In ham news, Field Day is the big story; there’s not much going on on the air, but you might enjoy the Kentucky QSO Party or the 10-10 PSK QSO Party.

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