Geek Net Links 06-24-2019

Texas just after the Great Dying, about 250 million years ago.

Usually I don’t post links for the Geek Net, but I’m pretty sleepy from Field Day…I might miss something. So, here are some items I might be mentioning during the net! If you have anything you’d like to add, please contact the club or just post a comment for this post.

If you’ve seen a beautiful freezing soap bubble video, here’s the story behind it.

The latest news about methane on Mars is interesting, but not exciting…yet.

The first-ever night launch of a Falcon Heavy is coming up tonight sometime at or after 10:30 pm. There will be lots of payloads on this one, including the remains of 152 dead people and a very interesting atomic clock.

Updates: Calvin, W7KYG, reports that the Raspberry Pi 4 is now out!

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Tech Net News 06-08-2019

cas satellite.pngField Day is coming up fast! We really hope you’ll join us; it’s going to be a new experience at our new, air-conditioned location.

There’s really not much else on our calendar for the next couple of weeks. We’re getting ready for Field Day, arranging for time off from work, and checking the radios we bought at Ham-Com. There’s no separate Lecture and Lab event this month; we’ll be having an educational event at Field Day instead.

Remember, if you have announcements you’d like to share, just let the club know and one of our members will update this news post—even during the net.

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Tech Net News 06-01-2019

2019_ARRL_Field_Day_Logo_version_2Our next club meeting on June 4th, 2019, will focus on Field Day. We have exciting plans in store, including a new location—with air conditioning—and great opportunities to get on the air. Get ready, and join us for our next meeting!

Ham-Com is coming up this weekend! The club will have a table, as always. If you can help us out by hanging out at the club table, please contact us or sign up at the next club meeting.

The contest calendar for this weekend has a few events: Ten-Ten International is hosting a PSK “Open Season” QSO Party on the 10-meter band, for all amateurs; the 070 club is putting on a PSK contest for all the non-WARC bands; and the Kentucky QSO Party is in progress now, but ending soon.

Remember, if you have news or announcements to share, let the club know, and we’ll add them to the announcements post before, during, or even after Tech Net.

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Tech Net News 05-25-2019

Credit: Allen Institute

Our next club meeting on June 4th, 2019, will focus on Field Day. We have exciting plans in store, including a new location—with air conditioning—and great opportunities to get on the air. Get ready, and join us for our next meeting!

There’s one notable contest this weekend, the CQ WW WPX Contest, CW weekend. What’s this? It’s a CW contest where countries count for more points, but callsign prefixes are multipliers. If you’d like to be part of a new and different “country,” possibly a rare one, then this contest is for you.

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Tech Net News 05-18-2019

Become a tomato geneticist and see the world!

Our next club activity will be Lecture and Lab, on May 25th, 2019. Our focus will be Anderson PowerPoles, and there will be kits available for you to build. Check out the details, and let us know which kits interest you!

The contest calendar doesn’t list much of significance for this weekend, but if you catch a good opening to Europe, you could try for the Portuguese Navy Day Contest.

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