Tech Net News 06-16-2018

field day 2018 small mapField day is next weekend! Where will you be? How will you participate? Get ready now. Please bring announcements about area field day activities to the net.

The contest calendar has only one well-known event for this weekend, but it’s big contest for big amateurs with big antennas: the Stew Perry Topband Challenge.

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Tech Net News 06-09-2018

1920px-2ChocolateChipCookiesWe have a special SKYNET tonight! Don’t forget that special guest Dr. Steve Townes will be interviewed by our very own Kelley K5KTX this evening. Be there!

And don’t forget that HAM-COM is still going on. Please come on out tomorrow and visit the club table, even if you haven’t signed up. You can also support the vendors who’ve stuck it out all three days–and there’s lots of good stuff for sale, including embroidered DARC shirts, jackets, and hats.

On the air, we’ve got one of the most laugh-inducing QRP contests coming up tomorrow: the Cookie Crumble! It’s fun, unique, and tasty. Invented by two SOTA/NPOTA enthusiasts, the Cookie Crumble sounds like some goofy fun. The ARRL June VHF contest is in progress now, too.

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SKYNET Special Guest 06-09-2018

wb6ilw-ic-7300-300x225We’ll have a special guest from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the June 9th SKYNET.

No, it won’t be Dr. Sheldon Cooper or Dr. Leonard Hofstadter on the air. But, on June 9, 2018 during Skynet, Kelley Miller K5KTX will be live from Pasadena, CA with Dr. Steve Townes, Chief Technologist, Interplanetary Network Directorate from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Barring any Echolink technical issues, Kelley will be interviewing Dr. Townes (WB4ILW) about his work with the Deep Space Network and about the history of the JPL Amateur Radio Club (where he is currently President). So, be sure to tune in to the DARC repeater on Saturday night, June 9, 2018 at 9:00pm CDT. Be there AND be square!

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Tech Net News 06-02-2018 is it—the big month. Ham-Com is just around the corner, and Field Day is coming up fast. Our next club meeting is going to be all about Field Day, and we’ve got plenty to do to make sure our event at Flag Pole Hill is a success. I hope you’ll join us!

But before we get to Field Day, there’s Ham-Com. The DARC always hosts an informational table, and we could use your help. There’s also a Wouff Hong ceremony coming up on Friday night…Jay, W5GM, needs your help to make it happen. Please sign up on-line. Note:  this link is now corrected!

In ham news, Field Day is the big story; there’s not much going on on the air, but you might enjoy the Kentucky QSO Party or the 10-10 PSK QSO Party.

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Tech Net News 05-26-2018

Credit: Alan Bean

Don’t forget that the club could use your hep at Ham Com in just a couple of weeks.

The next club meeting on Tuesday, June 5th will be focused on preparing for Field Day. Even if you can’t join us, get outside and participate!

Perhaps because Field Day is coming up, the contest calendar has only one big event this weekend: the CQ World-Wide WPX CW Contest. Every different callsign prefix counts as a multiplier; you—yes, you—are worth points to someone. If your CW is up to contesting, this should be a really fun event.

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Tech Net News 05-05-2018

Credit: NASA

Calling all hams! The next DARC Radio in the Park event is tomorrow at Custer Park in Richardson!

On the air, we have a few operating opportunities going on: the 10-10 International CW Spring Contest is in progress, as are QSO parties for the 7th call district, Indiana, Delaware, and New England. There’s also a group of special event stations on the air to celebrate Europe Day.

In ham radio news:

Have you tried FT8, the digital mode that was discussed at the last club meeting? The new DXpedition mode was tested again today.

A digital interoperability test between hams and the military went very well last month in Iowa. It took advantage of the fact that the antiquated 300-baud speed limit on HF digital communications doesn’t apply on the 60-meter band. If you’d like to join in a more traditional cross-band communications test, the annual Armed Forces Day exercise is next weekend!

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Tech Net News 04-28-2018

Armed Forces Day 2018On the air, we have a few operating activities in progress this weekend. The 10-10 International Spring Digital Contest is probably the biggest, but there’s the Florida QSO Party, too.

If you like an interesting communications challenge, don’t forget that the annual Armed Forces Day cross-band communications test is coming up on May 12th.

Because it will take place on the first day of the month, our next club meeting would be easy to miss by accident. Don’t do that! Our next meeting will be this coming Tuesday, May 1st. Tim, K5TCJ, is going to give us a high-level overview of what the new FT8 digital mode is—and what it isn’t. We’ll see a video of an actual FT8 QSO, too.

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