Lecture And Lab May 2020

Lecture And Lab May 2020 Graphic (click to view/download)

Still Keeping with the times the DARC Lecture And Lab for May 23, 2020 has gone virtual! Join us at 11am Central Time from the comfort and safety of your home. In this virtual Lab And Lecture, John Galvin N5TIM will be presenting WinLink Express Fundamentals and getting your PC setup and running with WinLink. If you ever wanted to get setup and running on WinLink this is for you. More Details below.

The DARC hosts a Lab and Lecture on the fourth Saturday of each month that usually starts at 10am.   LnL is usually held at the Dallas Medical Center (which is the same same locations for DARC monthly meetings) usually on the 3rd floor. This is open to anyone licensed or not and you don’t need to be a member of the DARC. However, due to the pandemic situation of the COVID-19 virus, we will be doing Lecture And Lab virtually using Google Meet with a start time of 11am.

Virtual Lecture And Lab gets started Sat May 23, 2020 at 11am. For this LnL you will need to access the virtual meeting with a supported device of your choice – Please review our getting started guide to virtual events prior to attending for a positive virtual meeting experience. Optionally – a working radio that supports SSB and sound card/modem connected to your computer.

For the meeting link and access information see the DARC Calendar details on the day of the event.

The first part of this virtual meeting we will go over a brief introduction to WinLink and its uses and then talk about setting it up and getting it configured for on air operation with your PC. In the 2nd part – the lab portion, we will be available to help you get setup and going with WinLink Express and send and receive some WinLink Message and try and answer any questions you have etc. There is no costs associated with this Lecture And Lab – you can purchase a registration for WinLink Express but it is not needed – and you will have full capabilities.

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  1. […] club will continue to hold virtual Lecture and Lab events. This month’s lab will focus on the Winlink radio e-mail software, which can be very useful both for fun and in an emergency. Radiograms work, and sending them is a […]


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